Thursday, May 27, 2010

:: L O V E Y O U R L I F E ::

I am so grateful. Thanx 2 God. I am so hepy with my new life. Thanx For my m0m + my Dad + my siblingS who r aweyz behind me. Thanx for all of u!..
I L O V E Y O U A L L S O M U C H!!
I love my new life. I just want to be me + my self + I.. I am s0 tired to think about the matters which S E R A B U T K A N my life before. I realy need some space. To think what should i do??..What was hapend last tyme is not d end of my hepy life. I cant turn back da tyme to change back what had hapend. hukhukhuk hard act..
I just can start a new chapter to have a hepy ending in my life. I am s0 desire to create da great tyme + moment ..*_^ ..yeah! struggle for it!! wish me luck!! xoxo

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